Learn your way around the labyrinth that is the RCJ, Inner and Middle Temple where barristers' chambers are located with your tour guide who is extremely experienced and makes the two hours fun and interesting!

If you wish to stay longer after lunch, then there is an opportunity to explore the RCJ on your own and perhaps sit in on a few cases in court to get the flavour of the courtroom environment.

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I highly recommend the Royal Courts of Justice Tour to all students.... Even if you don't live in London, it's worth the effort!

Firstly, the tour is led by a very supportive, experienced and knowledgeable guide who has personal connections with the legal profession. I won't say more as it will spoil the surprise.

Secondly, the Royal Courts of Justice is one of the most important and historic courts in the country - a must see place to visit.

Thirdly, with your friends on the tour, you'll have the chance to find your way around this huge court and sit in on some of the action.

Finally, don't assume this tour is just about the Royal Courts of Justice. You'll also discover where most of the barristers in London work.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Paralegal course, which was very informative and beneficial for my future career objectives. The tour to the Royal Courts of Justice was great and made me feel much more confident to find my own way around when I visit again for work purposes..


DB, October 2015