Online Paralegal Practical Skills Course

The Benefits of Applying for the AH Paralegal Online Practical Paralegal Skills Course

This provides flexible learning at your convenience. The online practical paralegal course covers 4 parts and  includes Course Material, Study Notes and online tutorials with a very experienced Tutor who has been teaching these topics for over 20 years.

? it provides practical insight into the legal profession generally, and the kind of work you can be called upon to perform as a freelance paralegal

it is designed to promote confidence and to encourage you to work as a freelance Paralegal as well as enhancing your chance of finding work

it provides employers with Paralegals they can feel confident about employing

it gives you an understanding of not only how to perform certain tasks but also why you are performing them

you are awarded a certificate on completing the course provided you pass the course review test which can be taken at home

a one year Affiliate Membership of NALP (National Association of Licensed Paralegals) is recommended

you are also provided with a 'Guide to Finding work as a Freelance Paralegal' on successfully completing the course review test

the course carries 12 hours CPD

The Structure of the Course

This online practical paralegal skills course is unique in its approach because of its intensity. A substantial amount of information is assimilated and learned in a relatively short period of time.

Using extracts from personal experience and real case studies as examples, the online practical paralegal course is entirely practical. NB. There is a fair amount of writing involved.

Content of the Online Practical Paralegal Skills Course

Four course parts and an optional field trip to the Royal Courts of Justice (for an extra fee of £12)

Covers: civil court procedures and the duties, skills and principles required to carry out solicitors' instructions.


Covers: how to analyse a case file and extract relevant information in order to prepare and present an application before a District Judge in chambers.


Covers: how to take notes in court during trials or hearings, the duties involved in assisting barristers during criminal trials and how to take statements from witnesses.


Covers: Attending an Employment Tribunal including looking at a specific case study and the differences between attending court and a Tribunal


A day out of class which includes a tour of parts of the Inner Temple and Middle Temple as well as experiencing the Labyrinth that is the Royal Courts of Justice and learn how to find your way round this amazing place. Landmarks of 'Legal London' will be pointed out by a very experienced Guide. For further information on this please use this link

Courses for Paralegals are available online all year round!

At the end of the Online Paralegal Practical Skills Course we give you a test to do at home and subject to passing that, you will be sent your Certificate and a 'Guide to finding work as a freelance Paralegal'. This has proven to be extremely useful for students in finding work as a paralegal. Tests should be submitted for marking by email as an MS Word document to

Learners have an overall time limit to complete the test of 1 year from the date of enrolment.

Our policy is to encourage our students to find work as opposed to offering their services free on work placements which does not ultimately guarantee a job.


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