Online Practical Paralegal Skills Training

Dedicated to providing Online Practical Paralegal Skills Training: Training Paralegals to become freelance in England & Wales by giving you practical skills to ensure you have what it takes to work within the Legal Sector, as well as confidence to go on to gain Paralegal Qualifications.

Available Courses

The AH Online Practical Paralegal Skills Course is now running into its 20th year and is offered as an Online Course.

The course will provide you with study notes, online tutorials (with an expert Tutor who has run paralegal training programmes for over 20 years) and course material and will arm you with appropriate skills to work as a freelance paralegal.

Freelancing is the way to gain experience and confidence and make contacts in the legal sector.

Available Courses

Who Should Enrol?

Thank you so much for emailing me the result (along with helpful feedback) and the 'Guide to Finding Work as a Freelance Paralegal'. Above all I wish to thank you for the on-line course which I found very interesting and fully informative, as a result of your gargantuan dedication to your duty. I picked up lots of knowledge which were not picked when I was studying for LLB.

C.A - London